Dynamic building simulation

Using dynamic building and HVAC equipment simulation programmes, the thermal behaviour of buildings including the plant engineering can be modelled in a way which is very close to reality. Not only are external influences (hourly weather data) and internal thermal loads (usage profiles for people, lighting and equipment) taken into account, but also the orientation of the building, its own shade and the shade cast by buildings in the vicinity.

For each and every hour of the year a detailed calculation of heating and cooling energy requirements is made, taking storage values into account, and the temperatures occurring in ambient air and on surfaces enclosing the space are determined. Only by using a dynamic simulation can energy usage in the building be optimised to current standards, compared to a static calculation.

What you gain

  • Reduce investment costs by avoiding overdimensioning in plant engineering
  • Guarantee comfortable ambient conditions by evidence of threshold and resulting temperatures
  • Minimise operating costs using optimum parameter-setting in measurement and control systems


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