Energy management systems according to DIN EN ISO 50001 – energy management in business in practice

The unpredictable energy market as well as the efforts to significantly reduce of greenhouse gas emissions leads to claim a higher energy efficiency in day-to-day business. Operational energy management is an appropriate instrument to achieve these objectives. With the DIN EN ISO 50001 was a framework which systematizes the operations on the subject of energy and integrated into existing management systems. This approach increased the importance of the use of energy in the company and the responsibility for an efficient management of resources embedded energy in the top management. This implies a high degree of necessary energy knowledge within the organisation. The tasks of the staff increase significantly in complexity and scope.

In practice, it is connected to the development of efficient energy management with considerable effort. The introduction of an energy management system (EnMS) should be taken with appropriate preparation purposefully limit the resources to be deployed to. The DIN EN ISO 50001 is the basis for the introduction of EnMS and its certification in the sense of an integrated management system.

The seminar provides practical knowledge that facilitates entry into the complex matter of corporate energy management and highlights existing approaches. The construction is handled by operational structures for the introduction and maintenance of energy management systems. This includes, apart from the legal and normative requirements, also approaches to the use of energy controlling in terms of consumption and cost control in a company.

  • Requirements for an energy management
  • Construction of energy management
  • Energy controlling as an instrument of EnMS
  • Practical example of corporate energy management

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energy consultants, engineers and architects


10.12.2013, 09:00 - 16:30

Number of participants maximum of 25


Dipl.-Ing. M. Zens
perpendo Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, Aachen

Registration fee:

€ 100 Members of IK-Bau NRW
€ 130 Non-members
€ 70 Young engineers

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Energymanager /-auditor (Environmental Institute Offenbach a. M.)

Target group:
  • Managers, technicians, engineers, management officer
  • Management consultant
  • Environmental Auditors, environmental operations auditor, energy auditors
  • Environmental protection officer (waste, water, pollution control,...)
  • Management consultant
  • other interested

Rising energy prices, changing energy taxes, climate change, sustainable energy and new legal requirements demand an early energy-efficient production and management of the company.

Energy management is a suitable instrument to reduce the energy consumption and energy costs systematically and long term in the company, to increase competitiveness and to make an active contribution to climate protection.

The importance of exploiting the potential for efficiency was emphasized also in the current energy concept of the BMU. This will establish 2013 tax breaks only for businesses with energy management systems. Also in the new renewable energies law (EEG), recourse to a special claim control of is made dependent on that the company practiced an energy management.

Qualified energy Managers are required for the successful implementation in the company.


The course gives the basic practical, systematically to identify potential energy savings as well as to optimise the energy processes and manage. The participants will thus obtain the basics to act as energy managers. The course is aimed at Auditors according to ISO 19011 which can educate themselves with this course to energy auditors.


1. Day:

Energy management (the day of the seminar can be booked separately)
  • Basic principles and requirements for energy management systems (DIN EN ISO 50001)
  • Comparison with environmental management systems according to DIN EN ISO 14001 / EMAS and integration in existing management systems
  • Approach to the introduction of an energy management system on the basis of practical examples and forms
Price: € 489,- VAT incl. lunch and two coffee breaks

2nd & 3rd day:

Energy compact (the two seminar days can be booked separately)
  • legal basis in the energy sector (EEG, KWKG, EnergieSTG, StromStG, EnEV, EEWärmeG,
    EDL-G etc.)
  • Utilities (steam and heat generators, heat pumps, cogeneration, Trigeneration, refrigeration)
  • Infrastructure (heating / ventilation / air conditioning, compressed air, electrical drives, lighting)
  • Use of waste heat, heat recovery
  • Collection and processing of energy data
  • Energy indicators, benchmarking
  • Methods of analysis
  • Finding energy aspects and potential savings
  • Practice examples
Price: € 699,- VAT incl. lunch and two coffee breaks

Preis: € 979,- VAT incl. for all three days


- Online-Seminar
- Online-Seminar
- Online-Seminar

Environmental Institute Offenbach a. M.
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