The continuous discussion about climate protection disposes enterprises to let sustainability play a more relevant role within the corporate culture. In this context the identification and evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the company’s activities comes into focus. Besides the climate impact of energy use other sources, e. g. emissions from the consumption of materials and mobility have to be taken into account.

A tool for the evaluation of all climate relevant emissions listed in the Kyoto-protocol is the Carbon Footprint. With the aid of this method the greenhouse gases emitted through the entire life cycle of products and services can be accounted for. Depending on the role of the Carbon Footprint within the corporate environmental strategy the footprint can be focused on an entire organization, selected processes or a distinct product while the scope may cover the company’s own activities, the processes involved in the upstream chain as well as the usage and disposal of products.

Within the scope of different carbon footprint studies perpendo gained and developed substantiated skills about the method itself, an efficient data acquisition and reasonable allocations as well as the usage of secondary data to estimate emissions not directly seizable. With the aid of this knowledge we accompany your organization in providing a Carbon Footprint tailored to your strategic objectives.


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